Welcome to Over the Edge for Special Olympics Wisconsin


Over the Edge is a unique opportunity to rappel down Miller Park or Lambeau Field to support Special Olympics Wisconsin — a wonderful organization that touches so many lives throughout our state.

If rappelling isn’t for you, rally your co-workers to “Toss your Boss” or someone else Over the Edge for a minimum of $1,000. Catapult a co-worker, propel a pal, fling a family member, cast your coach. If you want a friend next to you the whole way down, sign up for a “Buddy Rappel” and raise a combined $1,500 to rappel side by side. Are you both a football and baseball fan? Edge at both Miller Park and Lambeau Field for $1,500! The possibilities are endless. And, it’s easy to set up a donation site online!

Unsure if you can raise the money? Try these 10 easy steps to raising $1,000:

  1. Start by donating to your own rappel for $50
  2. Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $50 each
  3. Ask 5 Twitter followers and 5 Facebook friends to each contribute $20
  4. Ask 5 co-workers to each contribute $20
  5. Ask 5 neighbors each for $20
  6. Ask 10 people from your place of worship or other association to each donate $10
  7. Ask your manager for a donation of $50 from your company or, find out if they will match what you raise and ask for the paperwork
  8. Ask 4 businesses your company works with to sponsor you for $50
  9. Ask 4 businesses you frequent to donate $25
  10. Send your donors thank you messages!
  11. OR, you can simply ask 50 of your Facebook friends to donate $20 each!

Hurry, there are limited spots available so sign up today!


Presented By:

Brewers Community Foundation